Clive Christian’s Most Expensive Perfume

After purchasing this perfume, which is sure to feel special and personal. Baccarat crystal container are equally impressive five-carat diamond necklace in 18 carat gold. This is a 30 ML bottle costs $ 2500.

Delightful fragrance in luxury and charm of the composition. Clive Christian took six years to design Noble. Imperial Majesty by Clive Christian really and truly deserves the title of most expensive perfume in the world. Those who want to know this wonder without any specific damage to your budget, the opportunity to purchase a reduced version of the perfume – Mini Noble. The paradox of the perfume business is a large number of developing countries around the world are loyal customers of perfumes and other cosmetics such as rouge, powder, lotions, creams and perfumes, which is an important factor.

According to Clive Christian, spice working in the magical scent said to forget the money and create the most beautiful scent ever created in human history. Fragrance Noble $ 245,000 total cost of each bottle. Reports more than 600 factories that produce cosmetics in the United States and France, the tariffs that countries are willing to pay to export their products to U.S. Although Queen Elizabeth is considered the perfume quality more sophisticated, luxurious and high in the company. There are only 10 bottles made, with a capacity of 507 ML. Bergamot, lemon, tangerine, white color and tea with India adding unforgettable taste and smell. Of course, some of these ingredients are not very rare, but all are covered in several processes that maintain the purity of the purpose of increasing natural fragrance.

The exterior of smell, a good bottle of the emperor, was designed by French glass specialist Baccarat crystal and decorated with 5 carats of diamonds, a necklace of 18 karat gold necklace, and a small white diamond. Brand around since 1872. Three of the five bottles of perfume limited edition consists of ingredients such as vanilla, ylang ylang and sandalwood is sold at the opening ceremony at Harrods in London and Bergdorf Goodman in New York.

In the field of cosmetics, perfume has a maximum value of wholesale cosmetics products are manufactured and sold in the United States and France. Perfume was a wonderful aroma compounds called Clive Christian No.

1. That cost him $ 250,000.

World’s No.One Pure Perfume in a hand crafted Baccarat crystal bottle with solid gold neck and 5 carat diamond and delivered by Rolls Royce. In fact, for the price of the perfume is delivered in a Bentley. Clive Christian No. Women who have happily wear like the smell of luxury, is certainly no doubt about their feminine charm.

The development of Latin American and Asian countries involved in the festive fans perfume at a price above $ 100 for an average of $ 215,000 whooping for every bottle of Clive Christian signature perfume aptly named the emperor. Also listed in the Guinness Book of Records as the most expensive perfume. $ 20M. Sir Elton John has asked for a bottle of honor on the piano. This piece of expensive luxury packaging pretentious reach more money because of the dazzling white diamonds placed in a Baccarat crystal bottle and is rumored to cost about the same as the total cost of the perfume. Composition represented by a mixture of different materials more than 200 of them are very expensive, rare and hard to find: Indian sandalwood, pure Tahitian vanilla, violet root, bergamot, ylang ylang grows Madagascar, and natural rubber. Of the five bottles released in the market, selling three.

Clive Christian perfume fragrances Crown bought the company in 1999. This is a scent for everyone: men and women. 1 is the best-seller among the most expensive perfume in the world.

Laurie Macomber

Laurie Macomber

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Laurie Macomber

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